Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator

Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator

A completed order is among the most incredible accomplishments for a Fiverr buyer or seller. It is empowering for sellers and exciting for buyers. But recently, many people have been complaining over random and sudden drops in their completion rate percentages without them doing anything. Well, the truth is that your completion rate doesn't randomly drop. This article highlights how you can use our completion rate calculator to calculate your Fiverr completion rate. So keep reading.

What is the importance of your order completion rate?

If you want your business to grow, you must build good relationships with buyers to ensure a smooth revenue gain. Knowing your completion rate is one way that you can use to monitor your services on Fiverr. It helps you understand the overall service quality you provide to your clients on Fiverr. Additionally, your order completion rate can also be a factor influencing your Gig's position and ranking in search engines.

How to calculate Fiverr Order Completion Rate using the long method

Generally, you require to execute three crucial steps in this calculation process. The steps are as follows;

  • Filtering months for counting

It is the first step in this vital calculation process. You need to proceed to the 'Selling' icon and click it. The 'Earnings' icon will pop up, and you will also need to click it. It would be better to filter the last two months to count quickly.

Now, let's assume that today is the 1st of June. In this case, you will need orders from April and May. The platform's filter section is the easiest way to count these months.

  • Counting your completed and canceled orders

This step is where you need to count all your completed and canceled orders within the last 60 days. And this makes sense because, in the previous step, you filtered the last two months, April and May. In short, this step requires you to count all your total orders.

So, you will start by counting "Canceled Payment Refunded to Buyer" which represents your canceled orders. Then you will calculate your "Order Revenue" which means your completed orders.

After counting all your canceled and completed orders, you will sum them up to get your total number of orders in your account for the last 60 days. Remember that your total orders will be essential later when calculating your completion rate.

  • Calculating the completion rate

Now that you have finished counting, it is time to dive into some mathematics. To calculate your rate, you need to use a formula. The formula is as follows;

Completion rate= (Y*100)/X

Where X represents your total orders within the past 60 days (Canceled orders + Completed orders)

And Y represents your completed orders only.

So, in simple terms, you will multiply completed orders only (Y) with 100 and then divide what you get with your total orders (X).

Here is a good illustration example

To help you better understand how this formula works, let's see the following example.

Suppose you had 70 completed orders and five canceled orders within two months, April and May. In that case, your total number of orders will be 75. So, what will be your completion rate?

Using this formula,

Completion rate= (Y*100)/X

Your completion rate, in this case, will be (70*100)/75= 93.33%. This completion rate is what shows on your profile.

A simpler way of calculating your completion rate

What if we tell you that you can avoid all these hassles of counting your orders and using a formula to calculate your completion rate? Yes. At, we understand that using the above procedures can be tedious and time-consuming.

For that reason, we have designed our Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator to make your work easier and smoother. We have explained how to use our tool in the following section.

How to calculate your completion rate using our calculator tool

Our completion rate calculating device incorporates three main fields and one icon. The first field is to input your total orders accumulating within the past 60 days. This figure includes the sum of the completed and canceled orders.

The second field is to enter the number of your canceled orders within the past two months, or instead 60 days.

The third field is where the results in percentage appear after clicking the 'Calculate' button.

After entering these figures correctly, the next step is to click the conspicuous 'Calculate' button. Your order completion rate in percentage will pop up on the third field within seconds.

Why use our calculator tool

Our calculator tool has many benefits over the long, tedious, and time-consuming formula method when calculating your completion rate. The tool features simple-to-use integrations that are displayed on the tool page. So, it will take you a few minutes, maybe five minutes, to be conversant with everything about the tool.

Additionally, our completion rate calculator saves you time and the struggles that come with searching formulas and using them in complex calculations. Plus, playing around with the tool is fun, trying different combinations and getting accurate answers immediately.


Now that you have understood the concepts of calculating your completion rates using the long formula method and our completion rate calculator, which one do you prefer the most? It must be our tool. With our tool, you will save your precious time and get accurate answers within seconds.