Fiverr Gig Rating Calculator

check overall rating for your Fiverr gig

Every gig on Fiverr has a gig rating that buyers give at the end of service. If the seller provides good quality service then he gets a 5-start rating and if they provide bad or lower-quality service then the buyer gives a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

Every seller on buyer has to maintain at least a 4.7-star rating out of 5 to maintain their current level and if their overall rating drop below 4.7 then their level dropped on the next evolution date. 

fiverr gig rating

A lot of sellers don't know which formula exactly to use to calculate this rating. So, this is pretty simple to calculate this gig rating. 



To calculate the Fiverr gig rating, first, you need to count the total number of reviews. and then add all gigs with their rating numbers. 

for example, you have a total of 50 reviews with the following statistics.

  1. 5-star = 40 => (40 * 5) = 200
  2. 4-star = 4 => (4 * 4) = 16
  3. 3-star = 2 => (2 * 3) = 6
  4. 2-star = 1 => (1 * 2) = 2
  5. 1-star = 3 => (3 * 1) = 3

If we add all the values it makes 227

Let x = 50 (total number of order)

let y = 227

Overall rating = ( y / x) = 4.5

This tool will calculate the rating for your gig and if the rating is below 4.7 then you will know how many more orders you need to complete with a 5-star review to increase your rating to more than 4.7


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