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Once in a while, you have found yourself taking a pen and a piece of paper. Why? You are trying to calculate the percentage of a particular figure. What if we tell you today that you don't need your pen and paper anymore? You can also advance with the technology and not stay behind.

Yes. All you need is a percentage calculator on your phone, tablet, or personal computer. Don't waste time figuring out the percentage of a certain number anymore. Let the percentage calculator do the work for you.

It is a free online tool that you can use to quickly calculate percentage of simple to complicated figures with just a click of a button. Please keep reading and allow us to enlighten you on how to use our percentage calculator. We have also compared the simplicity of using our percentage calculator against using the complex, time-consuming formulas.

Why should you use our percentage calculator?

As mentioned above, our percentage calculating tool incorporates a design and functions that support performing simple to complex calculations. For instance, what is X of Y? Additionally, this tool is user-friendly and does not require cramming. You only need to know your values and where to insert them.

That's not all. Our percentage calculator is easy to master same like our other tip c. Within a few minutes, you will learn every feature of this tool. This means that you will quickly identify the three fields within these few minutes. The first two fields are input fields, while the third is the answer field. Plus, don't forget the calculate icon you will need to press to initiate the calculation process.

percentage calculator

To better understand the functioning of our percentage calculator, you can attempt correctly inputting several combinations in the different fields mentioned above. Another thing. This tool stores all your previous calculations. So you won't worry about your calculation history if you want to refer back. That way, it becomes easy to keep track of all your essential calculations.

What is the percentage?

Generally, a percentage is a way to express a ratio, number, or fraction. For instance, 10% can mean 10pct, 0.01, or ten-hundredths. In the fraction form, 10% means 10/100. People use percentages to describe marks, probabilities, and much more in their daily lives. % is the sign that represents a percentage.

How to calculate a value from percentage using the long method

To accurately calculate a figure's value based on its percentage, we usually use the formula V= P% *X. Let's see how this formula works using the below example.

If you want to calculate the value of 40% of 600, you can use the above formula as follows;

  • The first step is to identify what each letter in the formula represents. In this case, P represents 40%, and X represents 600. V is our subject value.
  • The second step is to substitute these values in the formula. So we will have V= 40%*600
  • If you convert 40% to decimal value, you will get 0.40.
  • So, V= 0.40*600
  • So the value of V= 240
  • Thus 40% of 600 is 240

Using our percentage calculator

Our percentage calculator will save you the hassle of performing all these calculations. So, in this case, you will need to enter 40 in the tool's first field and 600 in the second field. After hitting the 'Calculate' icon, the percentage calculator will show 240. This is the same value we found from the above calculations.

What about converting the value to percentage using the long method?

You have multiple ways to calculate the percentage value of a certain number. But among all these ways, the common one uses the formula P= (X1/X2) * 100. You can interpret this formula as X1 being the P percentage of X2.

For instance, to calculate percentage of 160 in 400, we can use the above formula as follows;

  • From the formula and the values we have, X1 represents 80, and X2 represents 400.
  • After substituting these values in the formula, we will have P= (160/400) * 100.
  • Now, 160/400 is 0.40
  • So, to calculate percentage of 0.40 from the decimal form, we must multiply by 100.
  • 0.40*100= 40%
  • So, the answer is that 160 is 40% of 400.

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What about using our percentage calculator?

When using our percentage calculator tool to calculate percentage value of a certain number, you only have to input the figures in the respective fields. For the case above, input 160 in the initial area and 400 in the second field. The tool will display 40% within seconds, the same value we found from the above calculation. It's that simple.

calculate percentage

Calculating percentage increase or decrease

Sometimes, your employer might want you to determine a quantity increase or decrease in terms of percentage. To calculate percentage increase or decrease using the long method, you might have to compute the difference between the two values.

Then it would help if you expressed this difference relative to the first value. This difference is an absolute value in mathematics, while a '+' sign indicates the percentage increase and a '-' sign shows a percentage decrease.

The first example

Here is the first example to help you understand this concept better.

Suppose a product's price has increased from $400 to $480. In that case, this formula P= ((V2-V1)/V1) * 100 will be the most appropriate to calculate percentage change.

  • Using the above formula, V2 is 480 while V1 is 400.
  • After substituting these values in the formula, you will have something like this; P= ((480-400)/400) * 100.
  • P= (80/400) * 100 = 0.20 * 100 = 20%.
  • So, the product price has increased by 20% from $400.

Now, calculate percentage increase using our percentage calculator

You don't need to do all the above calculations with our percentage calculator. Just enter 400 and 480 in the first and second fields, respectively. Then place your cursor on the 'calculate' button and press it. 20% will pop up in the third field, indicating a 20% price increase from $400 to $480.

The second example

Let's assume one of your company's product prices has decreased from $400 to $360. In that case, it is essential to calculate percentage change. The best way to calculate percentage change without using a percentage calculator will be this formula; P= ((V2-V1)/V1) * 100.

  • When you consider the above formula, you already have two values, V2, 360, and V1, 400.
  • If you substitute these values in the formula, you will have P= ((360-400)/ 400) * 100
  • So, P= (-40/400) * 100 equals to -0.10 * 100 = -10%.
  • In this case, the negative sign shows that your company's product price has decreased from its original price.
  • So, it has changed by -10%.

What about when you calculate percentage decrease using our tool?

If you have our percentage calculator on your handset or personal computer, you don't have to worry about all these calculations and formulas. In this case, you need to enter 400 in the first field and 360 in the second, then press the calculate button.

The tool will calculate percentage decrease and display -10% in the third field within seconds. This is the same answer you got from the above calculations indicating a 10% product price decrease from $400.

How can you use our percentage calculator?

In life, no day passes without wanting to manage your finances. It doesn't matter whether the finances are work-related or home-related. They are all finances. So, you need to apply percentage calculations in almost every life's sphere.

Have you ever found yourself in a grocery store reading conspicuous discount messages on banners or coupons? Well, that's one area that you require the help of a percentage calculator. Our percentage calculator will give you the answer within seconds to confirm the discounts that the manufacturers have indicated on the banners.

Another scenario is when you visit a retail shop, and after finishing your shopping spree, the cashier gives you a bill incorporating complex percentage calculations. If it becomes difficult to understand and interpret the statement, our percentage calculator can come to your rescue. Just open the tool on your phone and use the three fields to get your percentages.

Are you a commerce student? The chances are high that the calculations highlighted in this blog are what you encounter daily. It means that you often calculate interests, taxes, inflations, and more. You might make your life easier with our percentage calculator. You will have just to input your values and be ready to go.

What is the formula for percentage of marks?

Percentage (%) of Marks = (Marks Obtained / Total Marks) * 100

Here's what each part of the formula represents:

  • Percentage (%): This is the symbol used to represent a percentage value. You'll get your answer as a percentage.
  • Marks Obtained: This is the number of marks you actually scored on the test, assignment, or project.
  • Total Marks: This is the maximum number of marks possible for the test, assignment, or project.

For example, let's say you scored 75 marks on a test out of a total of 100 marks.

Here's how to calculate the percentage of marks using the formula:

  • Percentage (%) of Marks = (75 Marks Obtained / 100 Total Marks) * 100
  • Percentage (%) of Marks = 0.75 * 100
  • Percentage (%) of Marks = 75%

Who Can Use Percentage Calculator?

  • Students: Especially commerce students who deal with percentages in subjects like interest, taxes, and inflation calculations. The calculator can be a lifesaver, allowing them to focus on understanding concepts rather than getting bogged down in computations.

  • Shoppers: Ever wonder if a discount is really as good as it seems? Percentage calculators help you verify advertised discounts on groceries, clothes, or anything else. No more trusting the store signs blindly!

  • Finance Managers (Personal or Professional): Managing finances often involves percentages, from budgeting to calculating tips or taxes. A percentage calculator can streamline these tasks, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

  • Anyone Dealing with Discounts, Markups, or Commissions: Salespeople, business owners, and even those buying a car can leverage a percentage calculator to determine final prices, commissions, or profit margins.

  • Really, Anyone! From basic recipe conversions (scaling ingredients) to calculating paint needed for a room (percentage of wall area to be covered), percentage calculators have uses in all walks of life.


Bottom Line

In conclusion, our percentage calculator has many benefits over the long formula method. The most obvious advantage is that the tool saves your precious time as you get to calculate percentages within seconds. You have other things to do, so you don't have to spend hours remembering formulas to calculate percentages.

Whereas solving complex calculations can be challenging using a pen and paper, it becomes easier using our percentage calculator. The fact that our percentage calculator is user-friendly means that it is also easy to master. Lastly, you don't have to calculate percentage values that you had already calculated before. The tool displays your calculations' complete history if you need to refer.