Tip Calculator

Calculate Tip Price for Multiple Persons

The tip calculator helps you calculate the total amount to pay along with the tip. If you are multiple people sharing the meal or food then you can enter the number of people among them you want to divide the total cost. This way you will get the tip per person and how much each person has to pay in order to get the full amount. 

If you are in the United States, the chances are high that you have used the tip calculator. But if you have not used or heard about it, don't worry. Here, we will educate you on what a tip calculator is, how it functions and why it is an essential tool on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. So, if you want to learn everything about our tip calculator, you are in the right place.

What is a tip?

A tip, or in other words, a gratuity, is an extra sum of money that guests pay to specific service workers for a service that they have provided to them. The customer gives this sum of money on top of the basic service price. Tips and their amount depend on three major factors; etiquette, social custom and the products themselves. But custom varies between settings and countries.

What is a calculator?

A calculator is a machine that automatically executes arithmetical operations and numerous mathematical functions. During the mid-17th century, Blaise Pascal devised the first digital arithmetic machine that gave birth to modern calculators many decades later.

Before the end of the 17th century, Gottfried Wilhelm developed a more advanced calculator. But as the world approached the 19th century, inventors were already producing less laborious, smaller and smaller machines. Electronic calculators then started gaining popularity in the mid-1950s, and today, we have online calculators that you can easily access on websites.

For instance, our DbCalculator.com website has multiple online calculators, including the Percentage Calculator, Tip Calculator, Fiverr Fee calculator, Chairish Fee Calculator and Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator.

So, what is a tip calculator?

So, what is a tip calculator? It is as straightforward as it sounds. In simple terms, a tip calculator is a technological tool that you can use to quickly and easily calculate the cost of service along with the tip. The tip calculator is often applicable if you are having a meal as a group of people.

Here, the tip calculator allows you to input the number of people among the group who you want to divide the cumulative cost. After correctly entering all the fields in the calculator, it will give you a tip that each group member should contribute. The calculator will also indicate each individual's amount to get the total amount.

Let’s say you visited a restaurant with one of your friends and the total bill is $100 and there will be a 15% tip. First, we have to calculate what is the 15% of 100, which is 15. Therefore, the total amount that you have to pay is 115 including the tip.

Now, you need to divide 15 by 2, which is 7.5. This is the tip amount for one person. Then divide 100 by 2, which is 50. This is the bill amount for one person. 50 + 7.5 = 57.5 is the amount that each person has to pay. This way Tip calculator help, you calculate the tip and the amount for each person. This way, the person will have a clear idea about the tip and the order amount very clearly by using this Tip calculator tool.

Tip calculator

So, in short, our tip calculator helps you calculate tip amount for different percentages of the service cost and the cumulative amount, including the tip. In the United States of America, a significant portion of service sector workers expects their guests to give them a 15% tip of the beforehand tax meal price.

This is usually for food items. In different parts of the globe, this amount varies. It is also essential to note that this tip amount varies depending on the products.

Another example of how you can apply our tip calculator

Imagine this scenario. You and your childhood friend have met in town and decided to go out and have dinner at a restaurant. After enjoying the sumptuous meal, the bill accumulates to $200 without forgetting the 15% tip. So, this is where the calculations begin.

You start by calculating the value of 15% of $200, which turns out to be 30. So, the total payable amount you and your friends will have to pay is $230, including the tip.

The next step is to divide $30 by two, which will give you $15. So, each person will pay $15 as the tip amount that will make $30 for the two of you. Dividing the total bill, $200 by two gives you $100. So far, $100 will be the total bill amount for each of you, excluding the tip.

So, to get the cumulative amount that each of you has to pay, you will have to add $100 to $15. The answer will be $115.

How do you use our Tip Calculator?

Today, as far as tips are concerned, nothing is as easy and quick to use as our tip calculator. After you finish eating your meal, you need to get going with the rest of your schedule. And our tip calculator will help you save that precious time because of the easy-to-use features that it incorporates.

So, how do you use our tip calculator? To calculate tip utilizing this tool, here is what you need to do. The first step is to land on our DbCalculator.com website, and head to the calculate tip section. On the calculate tip page, you will see three form fields displayed clearly.

The tool's first field is where you input the order total amount. You can enter the order total amount value in this field, which excludes the tip amount. The second field is where you enter the tip amount in percentage during your calculation tip process. So, according to your satisfaction level and wish, this is the field that you input the tip amount that you would like to leave the restaurant's service workers.

calculate tip

Based on the services you get and the quality of food that reaches your table, you can leave up to a 20% tip. If you feel that the services are not up to your standards, or if you think they are not as good as you expected, you can leave a tip of around 5% to 10%.

Then there is the third field. This is the field where you enter the number of people contributing to the total bill. So, if the number of people (including you) among which you want to divide the total order cost is 2, you enter 2 in this field when you want to calculate tip.

The results field only displays the results after correctly entering the values in their appropriate fields and hitting the calculate icon. When you calculate tip using our tip calculator, the results pop up in a matter of seconds. These results give you a vivid and clear idea about what each individual has to pay for the order and the tip. Additionally, you can see the total order amount after adding the tip value.

How do you calculate tip by yourself?

There are some scenarios that you find you don't have internet, meaning you cannot access our DbCalculator.com website to calculate tip. In that case, if you do not have access to the tip calculator tool on our DbCalculator.com website due to one or two reasons, we recommend you use the following simple formula to calculate tip by yourself.

Suppose you are two of you in a restaurant, and after enjoying a good meal, the bill adds up to $200. But you also want to leave a tip of 20% to the service workers. In this case, you will begin by calculating the value of 20% of 200.

So, (20/100) * 200= 40

So, $40 will be the tip value for you and your friend. You will divide this value by the number of people sharing the cost. So, in this case, you are two, meaning that you will split $40 between two people, and the result will be $20.

Each person will therefore pay $20 for the tip. Now that you have found the tip amount each person has to pay, let's see how much each will pay for the order amount in the following section.

In the same example, the order amount is $200. So, when you divide this figure by 2, you will have $100, which is the order amount without the tip that each of you has to pay.

Now add the $20 tip amount that each person has to pay, and you will have $120 as the amount of money, including the tip, that each of you will be required to pay. So, the cumulative amount you will pay will be 240 for the two of you.

It is also essential to remember that a sales tax charge may apply. Usually, this sales tax change varies from location to location. For instance, if the sales tax is 15% and you wish to leave a 15% tip, you may add up the sales tax amount to find the tip amount.

How to leave tips around the world

Tipping can be a controversial subject, but the truth is that it doesn't apply only in the United States of America. Other countries across the world also allow tipping which is often a gesture of appreciation for the services you receive.

Different countries have different tip amounts as indicated below;

  • United States of America- 15-20%
  • Canada- 15-20%
  • Mexico- 10-15%
  • United Kingdom- 10- 15%
  • France- 15%
  • Italy- 0%
  • Spain- 10%
  • Croatia- 10-15%
  • Scandinavia- 10%
  • Turkey- 10%
  • Russia- 10%
  • Middle East- 10- 15%
  • Morocco- 10%
  • South Africa- 10- 15%
  • India- 10%
  • China- 0%
  • Singapore- 0%
  • Philippines- 10%
  • Thailand- 10%
  • Japan- 0%
  • Australia- 0- 10%
  • Brazil- 10%
  • Caribbean- 10-15%


Now that you know how to calculate tip using our tip calculator, we hope you won't find yourself stuck in a restaurant trying to figure out how much tip to leave. Calculating tips using our tool saves you time due to its simple-to-use features. Take advantage of the three fields on the tip calculator and input the figures correctly to determine the tip amount and the total amount you and your friends have to pay within seconds.