Fiverr On Time Delivery Rate Calculator

Calculate on time delivery rate as a seller on Fiverr

The on-time delivery rate is one of the many factors which Fiverr counts to increase/decrease the level of any seller. As a seller, your on time delivery rate should be greater than 90% during the period of the last 60 days. 

A lots of sellers find it difficult to calculate their delivery rate by themselves. So we created this free on time delivery rate calculator tool to calculate this rate with one click. 

Fiverr on time delivery rate calculator

How to use this tool?

Using this tool is pretty easy and straightforward. Anyone can use this tool same as our order completion rate calculator tool

  • Count all the orders which you delivered in the last 60 days
  • Count how many of them were delivered late
  • Put the total (late + on time) in the first box
  • Enter the late delivered orders in the second box
  • click on calculate button to get the results

What is the formula to calculate Fiverr on time delivery rate?

Let's suppose you delivered 50 orders in the last 60 days. 5 of them were delivered late. 

A = 50

B = 5

C = 45 (A - B)  


C/A X 100

In the example above (45/50) X 100 = 90%