Fiverr Fee Calculator

Calculate Fiverr Fee for Buyers and Sellers

Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancers with so many categories. Many sellers are earning a good amount of money while working from their homes using the Fiverr platform. Also, new buyers are joining the platform to get their job done by using the site.

fiverr fee calculator

In order to get the service of any freelancer buyers places an order. For every order, Fiverr charge a particular fee from sellers and from buyers as well. This is where the Fiverr Fee Calculator tool will help you calculate the exact amount. If you are a buyer or a seller, this tool will calculate the Fiverr fee for both buyers and sellers. This is similar to the Fiverr order completion rate calculator.


What is Fiverr Fee for Buyers and Sellers?

For every order, Fiverr charge a fixed fee of 20% from the seller. For example, as a seller, if you get an order of $100, Fiverr will deduct $20 when your buyer marks the order as completed. This 20% fee for sellers is fixed for any amount of order.  

Similarly, Fiverr charge a 5% fee from the buyer side as well. If the order is less than $20 then the Fiverr fee will be $1 fixed. However, if the order price is more than $20 then the fee will be 5% fixed. For example for a $100 order, the buyer has to pay $105 on checkout.


Fiverr Fee Calculator

Fiverr free calculator tool is an online service to check the Fiverr free for both buyers and sellers. Therefore, everyone will have a clear idea about how much they are going to pay to start the order. Some people criticize this fee and they think this fee is not justifiable especially from sellers when they deduct 20% from each order because other similar platforms such as Upwork have a very different fee structure for users. This Fiverr fee calculator will tell you about how much a seller will get. However, after Fiverr when they withdraw funds into their bank or PayPal account then they again have to pay a specific fee.

So for sellers, take-home income is near to 70% of the total amount of any order they complete.


calculate fiverr fee

You can learn more about available withdrawal methods on Fiverr here.


How to Use Fiverr Fee Calculator?

Using the Fiverr fee calculator tool is easy. You can use it on any device like mobile, tablet, or desktop. When you land on the page, you just have to enter the gig price or the amount of custom offer then you have to choose the currency. Because Fiverr show you all prices in your local currency until you do not select it to USD from the bottom right.

You have the option to choose any currency you want and then click calculate. After clicking, the Fiverr fee calculator tool will give you results for both sellers and buyers. If you are a buyer then you can view your results in the right box and if you are a seller then you will see your results in the left box.