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Upwork is one of the most widely used freelance marketplaces where employers spend more than 2.52 billion dollars every year. Upwork makes money as a commission charged by buyers and sellers which is called the Upwork fee. And you can calculate that fee very quickly and easily by using this Upwork fee calculator tool

There is a certain fee that is deducted by Upwork on each transaction. Whenever any client starts a contract with the freelancer then Upwork cost a little bit more than the contract price from the buyer. 


upwork fee calculator

What is the Upwork fee? 

For the freelancer, the Upwork fee is sliding and can be different on each order depending on the contract amount. 

Here’s how it works:

  • $0-$500 in earnings from a client: 20% service fee applied to earnings
  • $500.01-$10,000 in earnings from a client: 10% service fee
  • $10,000.01 or more in earnings from a client: 5% service fee

So here you can see that if your lifetime earning with a client is less than $500 then you will be charged a 20% fee on each transaction

Similarly, if your lifetime earning is more than $10000 then you will be charged a 5% Upwork fee

If you don't have any previous history with the client and placed the first order of $800 then you will be charged 20% fee on the first $500 and 10% fee on the remaining $300. 

As long as for employers, Upwork charge a flat fee of 3% for each transaction which is called a processing fee.

Upwork Fee Calculator

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to calculate the Upwork fee when you do it manually. This is why we make this Upwork fee calculator to quickly calculate the Upwork fee within seconds. 

This behaves very similarly to the Fiverr fee calculator where you will get the most accurate results for both buyers and sellers. 

In the right box, you can see the total amount charged from buyers, and on the left side, you can see the total Upwork fee charged from sellers. 

How to use this Upwork Fee Calculator Tool

Using this tool is very easy and gives you the required results as long as you type the order value in the first field. 

To use this tool you only need two things. 

  1. Lifetime earning with this client
  2. Current contract amount

You need to enter the contract amount in the first box and the lifetime earning in the second box and then click calculate. 

It will give you results for both buyers and sellers in the box below.