Youtube Revenue Calculator

Calculate projected youtube earning

Youtube has become the second largest search platform after google and also have a huge variety of content regarding almost every field. Thanks to content creators for creating engaging and useful content. Every creator who have monetized its channel gets a certain amount of money from YouTube based on the number of views they gets every day. 

Youtube revenue based on so many factors which is why it become difficult for creators to calculate the exact amount of money they receive. 

Here are the some factors which effect the YouTube revenue. 

  • RPM
  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Viewers geo location
  • Niche

What is RPM?

RPM plays a very important role to calculate the exact youtube revenue. RPM stands for (Revenue per Mille) it means how much you have earned per 1000 views. Youtube takes 32% of the total revenue that you earned and you gets remaining 68%. And the RPM reflects in your analytics page after YouTube deducts its 32%.

Youtube’s current RPM ranges between $1.36 - $3.40. It varies based on your niche, CPM, CPC and geo location as well. 

youtube revenue calculator

How to calculate YouTube revenue from RPM.?

Let's say your RPM is $2 and you gets 5000 view every days on your videos. So first you have to divide your views by 1000 and then multiply it with 2. 

In above case. 

5000 / 1000 = 5

5 x 2 = $10

Your daily YouTube revenue will be $10 if your RPM is 2 and you gets 5000 views every days. This YouTube revenue calculator also does the same. You only have to enter the number of view that you gets per day and then you will see the estimated range of revenue that you receive in your adsense account. You can also calculate your adsense earning by using our Adsense Earning Calculator 

How you check my view per day?

You can check your view per day by visiting the YouTube studio and then click on Analytics in left sidebar.