Time Zone Difference Calculator

Calculate time zone difference for free


The time zone difference calculator is a tool to calculate the difference between two time zones. 

If you are living in Japan and someone asks you to have a meeting at 14:00 GMT +10 and you don't what will be the time in your country at 14:00 GMT + 10. 

If you do it manually then you need to subtract or add hours in your time zone to get the exact time. Sometimes this can be a frustrating and time taking process to do these calculations.  

This is why we make this Time zone difference calculator tool by dbcalculator.com to get exact time from any time zone. 

When you first see the tool, it will show, your current time zone and the current time on the right side

By default, you can see the time according to the UTC +00 timezone. 

Time Zone Difference Calculator

How to use this tool?

If the example above, you need to calculate the time in Japan at 14:00 GMT + 10.

So you will select the GMT +10 on the left side and write the time in the first form field which is 14:00. 

After that, you can select your time zone from the right side and it will get you the exact time in your selected time zone. 


By using the time zone difference calculator you can calculate the time difference between any time zone in the world. 

You can simply search by city name, GMT, and UTC zones to get the time in the required area.